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Sleep Cycle Explained

By Sleepsia

Sleep is the most important and most essential in one’s life. We work hard everyday and fight with all the odds to get one night of deep sleep. Unfortunately there are many obstacles that do not let us sleep. Cervical, spondylosis, stiffness in the muscles, and other orthopedic issues don’t let us sleep. The psychological and physical health issues affect our sleep cycles too. Do you know ‘What are different sleep cycles?’

There are four sleep cycles or four phases of sleep. These stages include REM and Non-REM. These can get deeply affected if one fails to obtain complete relaxation. To have a soothing and obstacle-free sleep, it is important for us to choose the best sleeping essentials. The sleeping essentials include mattresses, blankets, pillows, cushions, etc.

Out of all, pillows are highly important. Sleepsia Bamboo Pillows for sleeping are the most beneficial pillows that don’t bother the four stages of sleep. These pillows are made up of shredded memory foam and bamboo pillowcase. The combination of these two is the perfect ‘idea of sleep’. These pillows actually are known as ‘stress-busters’. These pillows don’t let the sleep cycle stay disturbed and rather let the brain to function smoothly while dreaming or sleeping.

Know The Sleep Cycle! Know How Bamboo Pillows Are Fruitful?

There are four stages of sleep and these continue to make the whole ‘sleep cycle.’ Let us know more about it.

  • Stage 1: This is the Non-Rem stage of sleep that occurs for about five to ten minutes. It stands for Non- Rapid Eyes Movement.
  • Stage 2: This is the Non-Rem phase of sleep that lasts for about ten to twenty five minutes. After stage 1, one can easily slip into stage two if there isn’t any disturbance around. That is where bamboo pillows play an important role. Many times, the user finds it hard to feel comfortable or airy or breathable. In such a case, he/she flips or rotates, and changes sides to look for a comfortable position of sleep. The Sleepsia Pillows don’t let the user struggle in achieving the second phase of sleep or the next phases.
  • Stage 3: This is the Non-Rem stage of deep sleep. This gets affected the most when one grows old. This is the stage that builds the body and levels up the immunity.
  • Stage 4: This is the Rapid Eyes Movement Stage of the sleeping cycle. It happens almost after ninety minutes of your sleep. However, the first phase of the REM sleep lasts for ten minutes. The more is this span of REM sleep, the more is the heart rate and this might also result in the lengthening of the last phase of REM sleep.

Thus, all these stages combine to give us a complete sleep cycle. This happens in continuity. Therefore, this is the answer to our question of ‘What are different Sleep Cycles?’ It is very interesting to know that Bamboo Pillows can be the most fruitful in having deep sleep. One needs to choose these pillows to doze off to sleep immediately, without thinking much about the stressful events of life. These pillows let the user continue with a great sleep cycle.

Bamboo Pillows Perfect For All The Sleepers And Their Sleep Cycles!

These pillows are the real heroes. These emerge as a superhero and extend helping hands to all the sleepers to let them have a smooth sleep cycle. Know how!

  • Perfect For All The Sleepers: Many sleep to the side, many on the stomach, and many on the back. It becomes very difficult to adjust for one particular type of user on a rigid platform of sleeping. Therefore, it is advisable to sleep on these pillows and feel extremely comfortable during sleep time.
  • Perfect For All The Patients: The orthopedic patients, the ones suffering from cervical, or the ones having stiffness in the muscles can feel great relief with these pillows. These don’t let the user have a disturbed sleep. In fact, for those who are expecting or are pregnant, these pillows are a blessing.
  • Beneficial In Pregnancy: As said above, we all know how ladies undergo disturbed sleeping cycle during pregnancy period. These Bamboo Pillows for Pregnancy are a blessing!
  • Breathable And Airy: These pillows are super airy and breathable. These leave no chances of sweating or bad odor. Super increased ventilation and airy conditions.
  • Hypoallergenic: These pillows are hypoallergenic too. The allergens don’t attack the users at all! No sneezing and no disturbance in the sleep cycle.

Final Words

Now that you all know the answer to the question of ‘What are different Sleep Cycles?’ it is important to follow some healthy steps to obtain a healthy sleep cycle. Drink good amount of water, don’t expose your eyes much on television or phone while sleeping, don’t have caffeine in the extra amount, and don’t let your mind wander in negative thoughts.

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