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Can Temperature Affect the Way You Sleep?

Can Temperature Affect the Way You Sleep?

Have you seen people switching off lights, spraying nice mist, changing bed sheets, choosing bamboo pillows, and wearing loose clothes before sleeping? Why do they do it? Obviously, to have a comfortable sleep. But one major thing has been skipped from this list of sleep-prep. That thing is 'setting the right temperature.' It is important to have an appropriate temperature while sleeping because the answer to the question 'Can Temperature Affect The Way You Sleep?' is- Yes!

Sleeping In Hot Temperature

Sleeping In Hot Temperature: Good Or Bad?

Let us find out below what sleeping in hot temperatures is all about! Good or bad?

Sleeping In Hot Temperature May Not Be Ideal

Extremes are always bad! Sleeping in so much of the heat makes the sleeper uncomfortable and irritated. The body gets cooler at night while sleeping and throws off heat from the body. As a result, if one will sleep in extremely hot temperatures, it will mess with the natural tendency of the body to achieve its desired temperature for sleeping. This will disturb the sleep.

  • This applies to the babies also. However, babies sleep in a little warmer environment than that of adults.
  • But that doesn't mean you over-cover or over-wear a baby with layers of clothes and comforters. It can be life-threatening for the babies.
  • Keep a check on the babies. Touch them while they sleep. If they are hot, keep them a little fresh. Let them wear light and airy clothes.

Role Of Bamboo Pillows In Hot Temperature

Role Of Bamboo Pillows In Hot Temperature

It is true that pillows play a major role in making sleep peaceful or painful. There are many pillows that add to suffocation while sleeping, especially in summers. A person who has the habit of sleeping on pillows gets irritated due to hot temperature and due to harsh pillows. During such times, bamboo pillow should be chosen for help.

  • Breathability: A good bamboo pillow is made from the bamboo pulp. The shredded memory foam filling and fresh bamboo covers make the pillows breathable. These can assist during irritating hot temperatures at night.
  • Freshness: Such pillows allow the air circulation better, making them fresh and clean. Sleepsia bamboo pillows for sleeping are the finest examples of these pillows.
  • Softness: Such pillows are super soft. Their touch doesn't mess with the skin or face. Also, the softness gives satisfaction and happiness while sleeping.

A person who sweats and feels irritated due to 'not-so-good' and 'low quality' pillows cannot sleep in the warm temperature. One must choose bamboo pillows to cherish the freshness while sleeping. These pillows support the body temperature and try to save the person from a broken sleep.

How Does Sleeping in Cold Room Temperature Feels Like

How Does Sleeping in Cold Room Temperature Feels Like?

Cold Room Temperature, more than the limit may also cause issues. Ideal temperature for sleeping will be discussed ahead. But as of now, it is important to know that too cold temperatures also don't help.

Cold Temperatures: Yes Or No?

Those who have the habit of sleeping nude or without comforters and blankets, feel cold in the cold temperature. Such people are more prone to a disturbed sleep. When the body temperature also falls, the external cold environment may wake the person up.

  • Sleeping in extremely cold temperatures may affect not only sleep but the body overall.
  • In case the feet are cold, it becomes all the more difficult to doze off.

Cold Temperatures Affecting The Sleep Stages

The blood pressure is known to fall during the initial stages of sleep (NREM). However, in the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep, blood pressure gets back to normal. But extremely cold conditions may cause enhanced blood pressure in the initial stages of the sleep, later impacting the REM sleep amount.

  • So, it is advisable to keep the bed and the environment warm (tolerable one) while sleeping.
  • Special care should be given to the old aged people.
  • People with blood pressure issues and heart problems should also give extra attention to the cold temperature while sleeping.

How About Achieving Temperature Neutrality During Sleep?

Achieving Temperature Neutrality During Sleep

One must consider several things to achieve temperature neutrality during sleep. It must be done to avoid any sort of sleeplessness, breakage in sleep, and any obstacle. Anyway, the body cools down automatically during sleep. But to make the process smooth and uninterrupted, one must do some preparations.

Steps To Achieve Favorable Temperature

  • One must make efforts to keep the temperature of the house better. Thermostat can be adjusted accordingly.
  • Fans, AC, or ventilation areas with open windows or doors can be adjusted accordingly.
  • Don't forget to trust Sleepsia Bamboo Pillows for sleeping. These are breathable, hygienic, hypoallergenic, and super airy. Thus, these help in apt temperature maintenance.
  • One must opt for healthy habits before sleeping such as meditation, breathing exercises, listening to sleep affirmations, or hearing positive songs. This helps to maintain a peaceful sleep.
  • Also dimming the lights, wearing loose clothes, drinking water throughout the day, eating fresh food, and keeping the room dark but hygienic provide additional help.
Best Temperature For Sleeping

What Is The Best Temperature For Sleeping?

Let us know what is the ideal temperature that should be maintained for sleeping. As we all know excess of everything is bad, so temperature should also be apt. Excessively cold or hot temperatures won't benefit at all.

Body Clock's Role In Making Us Sleep

Our body depends upon the body clock that indicates our bodies to sleep and wake up in the 24 hours time. This body clock is also known as circadian rhythm.

  • Day and Night are two factors that help the body clock work.
  • With the sunrise and sunset, circadian rhythm aligns and adjusts accordingly.
  • Hence, temperature and light do impact the sleeping conditions.
  • Therefore, an apt temperature when created, may assist the circadian rhythm in signalling that it is the perfect time to sleep.

Knowing About Ideal Temperature For Adults

For adults, the ideal temperature for sleeping can range from 60 degrees Fahrenheit ( or 15.6°Celsius) and 70 degrees Fahrenheit (or 21°Celsius). Out of this range, a perfect temperature is as per the body and the need of the sleeper. Not all bodies are the same. Age, medical conditions, tolerance, and certain other factors impact the requirement of the temperature for sleeping.

Ideal Temperature For Infants

The above stated calculation may be used in the case of infants too. However, kids need warmth more than that of adults' bodies.

  • So, temperature can be adjusted accordingly.
  • However, in the name of keeping kids warm, don't over dress them!
  • Their comforters should also be appropriate.
  • Keep monitoring the temperature of the body. Initially, it might be a headache, but then it is advisable for the health of the infant.


Temperature plays an important role in sleeping. It can either help the person sleep peacefully or it can create an obstacle leading to irritation. An uncomfortable sleep is the root cause of dizziness, laziness, less productivity, and frowny face the next morning. If this problem continues for a longer time, it can cause serious sleep issues such as insomnia. Lack of sleep due to any reason, especially due to non-favorable temperature is something that should be kept away from life, forever!

Also, to begin a fight against sleeplessness, one must bring home Sleepsia Bamboo Pillows for sleeping. As mentioned above, these know how to calm down its users! So, now that we all know that we need to say a yes when someone asks, 'Can Temperature Affect How You Sleep?', then why not create an apt temperature? As discussed above, choose better pillows and make efforts to maintain the ideal temperature from now onwards!

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