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Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

By Sleepsia

Procrastination, as we all know, is something that indicates towards delaying work and pushing tasks. This habit of delaying things does not work in the long run. It might give pleasure at present but its benefits do not exist in future.

What is the use of pushing tasks when ultimately those are to be done? One of the kinds of pushing tasks is ‘Revenge Bedtime Procrastination.’ It has gained popularity especially in the lockdown and during the Covid 19 stress. This term is being widely used on social media today. It happens when people push sleep and rather spend their sleeping hours in some other leisure activities. Why? Because ‘revenge’. This word has been creatively used to express how people, who fail to get ‘me-time’ or personal time in the day due to long list of chores, insist themselves to push sleep to have that personal time at night.

Revenge Bedtime Procrastination: What Is It?

With hectic schedules such as work from home, house chores, or some cognitive tasks, when an individual doesn’t get time in the day for entertainment or other activities, then through ‘Revenge Bedtime Procrastination’, they try to compensate for it. The time which couldn’t be gathered in the day, is gathered at night.

Defining Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

It refers to sacrificing and pushing sleep for some entertainment purposes, for personal time, for introspection, or for other leisure activities that couldn’t take place because of the tight time slots during the day.

  • It refers to finding out time for other tasks even if it gives insufficient sleeping hours.
  • Chopping off sleep resulting in dizzy mornings but tempting nights is a result of it.

Let Us Know Some Facts!

It may also be referred as Bedtime Procrastination. This psychological process/ phenomenon is based on the ardent desire or strong wish to take reins of the night in the hands! To take control over the night time comes as a part of this process. It happens because deep inside, individuals feel that they lack control over the events in the daytime so they can do it at night.

  • The word ‘Revenge’ was introduced in China first in the year 2010 indicating how people do not have control in the day during their 72 hours of work per week. So, through procrastination, they can taste the control and satisfaction.
  • A study conducted in 2014 in Netherlands threw light on this term.
  • This refers to refusing to sleep- to taste freedom and choice in tasks when the individuals feel that they are slaves to hectic routine in the daytime.

How Bad Is It For Our Health?

What gives pleasure at present may not necessarily give pleasure in the future! When one feels he/she is preoccupied with certain tasks and hence, Revenge Bedtime Procrastination will help, it may not! It is actually bad for our health. Everyone knows how important it is to sleep. People spend time and energy in figuring out the best sleeping essentials such as pillows and blankets. People research to find out the best bamboo pillows to sleep. What is the use if their benefits are not to be tasted fully?

Know About Intention Gap Behaviour

Researchers have found out that the people who do not get time for the tasks that they actually want to do in the day, fall for Revenge Bedtime Procrastination. However, those who are into this sort of procrastination, ‘wish’ to sleep. But their actions or their state of being awake to carry other tasks at night don’t let them do so. This is known as intention gap behaviour.

Lack Of Sleep

Lack Of Sleep

Revenge Bedtime Procrastination roots lack of sleep. Sleeplessness causes many ailments which everyone is aware of. Spending time at night for other things and sacrificing sleep would cause dizziness in the morning. A night with sleeplessness and a day with laziness won’t fetch anything.

  • Body Issues: Sleeplessness causes issues such as heart problems, digestion issues, hyperacidity, blood pressure issues, and even low immunity.
  • Mental Health Issues: There can be many mental health issues too. From reasoning to decision making, from slow thinking to being anxious and stressed, sleeplessness can make people insomniacs too.
  • Relationship Issues: Lack of sleep may cause relationship issues. These may arise irritation, bitterness, lack of understanding, loss of romance, and what not! Sleeplessness in such case affects physically and mentally, altogether.

Procrastination: How To Avoid It?


Avoiding procrastination, that too Revenge Bedtime Procrastination isn’t impossible. All it requires is some support! But internal support!

Steps To Stay Away From Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

Following these steps can be fruitful for one and all!

  • Peace: It is highly important to mediate. Brain needs nourishment in the form of meditation and peace. This helps brain stay calm down whole day. As a result, the person feels satisfied at night and feels as if sleeping is more important.
  • Physical Exercise: It is important to do physical workout. It will keep the body energetic and fresh whole day. The person would be able to complete all the tasks without getting tired and will also get time to do personal tasks. As a result, night time will be left for sleeping only. However, exercising before sleeping should be avoided. It is because it may take the person one step closer to bedtime procrastination.
  • Self-Talk: It is important to introspect and talk to self so that the inner self believes that night time is for sleeping. The word ‘revenge’ for extracting out time for self should not take over the mind.
  • Discipline: It is important to make a schedule of the tasks to be carried out in the day. If possible, a planner or a diary should be maintained. The daily schedule should include break-time and some slots for personal tasks too. This will help the person to sleep at night freely, as there will be no tasks left for night! A framed schedule will always help to do things in time and efficiently.
  • Balancing Circadian Rhythm: One should sleep on time and get up on time. It will help the body to adapt as per that time and will help to balance the body clock i.e circadian rhythm. The person will automatically feel sleep at night and will witness eyes shutting off at their set time!
Sleeping On Best Pillows

Sleeping On Best Pillows

Believe it or not, the moment one falls on the best bamboo pillows for sleeping, one will forget the need to do other tasks. Sleep will automatically enter the bedroom! Sleepsia bamboo pillows that are breathable and hypoallergenic, help the users in the best way possible.

  • Fresh pillows don’t disturb the sleep.
  • The person feels attracted to the softness, coziness, and warmth of the pillows.


Pushing off work just to take out some time for desired tasks won’t help as discussed above. One should rather have a strong mind to stay convinced that the day time is for tasks and the night time is for sleeping. Time Management plays an important role here. So,

  • One may take help of apps and software’s for making planners and for time management.
  • A person should try to win against Revenge Bedtime Procrastination by being particular about strictly following the set routine.
  • An individual should always make comfortable preparations for sleeping such as having better bamboo pillow by Sleepsia, having a cozy mattress, and soft bedsheets.